About us  


The company "Eco-pallet" is known for its high quality products and respectable prices. Our priority is to offer the best conditions for cooperation and provide the high quality service.

Eco-pallet is focused on the production of more than 50 kinds of non-standard pallets for different branches and other wooden items (e.g. boxes, pyramids).


žThe timeline of Eco-pallet company:
2017 - establishment of ECO-PALLET LLC. The company was mostly focused on the production of standard pallets.
2018 -  siginificant development and increase in production. We started sale of firewood, pallet blanks, pyramids and boxes. Therefore, we launched new service and received individual orders, approached the bussiness of individual orders and received orders for non-standard pallets.
2019 - the company received a European license for the production of EPAL pallets. The bewildering growth of production and extension of a company is observed.



The company has automatic lines for the production of pallets, firewood, sawmills and many other equipment.
The maximum production capacity of pallets is 35,000 pieces per month where 20,000 pieces we export and 15,000 pieces are sold on the Ukrainian market.

Currently, the number of employees of the enterprise - 30 people. The total area of   the company is 2 hectares.